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The Shimmy Shake Berlin Burlesque School hosts a wide variety of exciting burlesque workshops. Each class is focused on a different style or skill, to cover all facets of burlesque performance. After each term students have the opportunity to perform the choreography they learned at our graduation event, the Shimmy Shake Show. Whether you are interested in classic Bump and Grind, Costuming, Neo, Characterization, Movement, Striptease or Styling, with our ever-changing roster and exciting list of guest teachers we have something for everyone. The teachers of the school are also able to offer special private classes for those wanting to hone existing skills or that prefer to start learning in a private environment.

Mail shimmyshakeberlin@gmail.com for any additional information.


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Shimmy Shake Special Workshops


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For the year 2024


11.05.24 Bettie Bombshell GLAMOUR GHOULS 16:00-17:30 Saturday 45€
13.05.24 Zyra Lee Vanity HIP HOP BURLESQUE 101 19:30-21:00 Saturday 45€
01.06.24 Lotti Lieblich BEGINNER 16.00-17.30 Saturday 45€
07.09.24 Lotti Lieblich BEGINNER 16.00-17.30 Saturday 45€
12.10.24 Lotti Lieblich BEGINNER 16.00-17.30 Saturday 45€
09.11.24 Lolita Va Voom BEGINNER 16.00-17.30 Saturday 45€
14.12.24 Lolita Va Voom BEGINNER 16.00-17.30 Saturday 45€


Learn the basics of burlesque in our 90 minute teaser workshop!

You will learn the tips for perfect pinup posing, classic burlesque dance moves, character basics, warm-up exercises and have a short burlesque history & costume discussion to get you started!

Dates: All Dates

Time: 16.00 -17.30

Price: 45€ class

Regular students or “Bring a Friend” and pay 35€ for each student!

Level: Open

Language: English & German

Bring: Water, Dance heels if you have them, and clothing which are comfortable to dance in. Work out wear for example.



**Hip Hop Burlesque 101 with Zyra Lee Vanity from Canada**

A unique opportunity to learn from one of burlesque’s top stars from Canada!

Hip Hop Burlesque 101

Please bring: Comfy shoes or heels! An item to tease (sweater, scarf, glove, etc.), bottle of water! Gloves will be available at the studio if you don’t have your own.

Known as Montreal’s Urban Desire and Canada’s Hip Hop seductress, Zyra often uses elements of classic costuming and classic movement against hip hop music to create dynamic, edgy and fun neo acts. Dancing to hip hop music is all about attitude, saying “FU!” to respectability politics, unapologetically living, confidence and having fun! In this class  Zyra will teach you how to own all of that as well as do the burlesque basics (such as bumping and grinding), but to hip hop music!

Day: 13.05.2024

Time: 19:30-21:00

Price:  45€ Single Workshop

Language: English

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**Glamour Ghouls with Bettie Bombshell from Australia**

A very special workshop with an international headliner from Australia!

Glamour Ghouls-Feel your way.

Prop required: A long sleeve shirt/ robe/ wrap or something of that nature.

A workshop based around connecting with your audience & your own body. We will learn the art of commanding a room with subtle, and not so subtle movements. We will be using a robe/ shirt/wrap (or anything you have at home that is of that nature)to create meaningful, delicious choreography. It will be thick and juicy and full of bite! Bettie will teach you a piece of choreography to perform at the end of class in groups. It’s sexy, it’s powerful, it’s so much fun!

DAY: SATURDAY 11.05.2024

Time: 16.00-17.30

Prices: 45€ Single Workshop

Language: English

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About Bettie:

Bettie Bombshell is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the world of burlesque & sideshow. With a decade of touring under her belt, she has cemented her status as one of the industry’s most sought-after artists.Her accolades, including winning the prestigious national title of Miss Burlesque Australia, being ranked as the #1 most influential burlesque performer in Australia (2023 & 2024) one of the 14 most influential burlesque performers world wide (2020-2024) by 21st Century Burlesque Magazine speaks volumes about her unique & exciting impact on the industry.

Bettie’s illustrious career has seen her take centre stage at some of the most prestigious events in the burlesque world, such as the renowned Burlesque Hall of Fame competition in Las Vegas, a pinnacle event in the burlesque calendar. Her appearances at the event in 2016, 2017, 2018, & 2023 showcase her consistent ability to entertain on the world’s biggest stages. Bettie is a featured headlining artist in the smash hit show Gatsby-The Green Light now showing at the Sydney Opera House, featured in the award winning touring production ‘ORACLE’, has appeared in Harper’s Bazaar & Vogue Australia, is a core cast member of iconic show The Kaye Hole (with host & producer Reuben Kaye) & SMASHED the brunch party (hosted and created by Victoria Falconer), headlined the Australian Burlesque Festival & Perth international Burlesque Festival, featured at the Alexander McQueen Gala at the National Gallery of Victoria, performed with YUMMY (produced by Valerie Hex and Hannie Helsden), Worship & Bust Out Burlesque (New Orleans), Hubba Hubba Revue (San Francisco), Unbridled at Untitled (Chicago),The Slipper Room, Employees Only & Bathtub Gin (NYC), Beauty of Burlesque (L.A.),plus many more, but you’re surely sick of reading these by now.

With a commanding stage presence, she seamlessly blends grace and power, captivating audiences with each movement.Combined with Hollywood glamour, dangerous curves and sharp wit, Bettie exudes an irresistible allure that commands attention from start to finish.You will not be able to avert your eyes, and nor should you want to.

The Glam Reaper.

Bombshell by name, Bombshell by nature.

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Shimmy Shake School

Location: Imago Tanzstudio

Address: Straßmannstraße 18, 10249 Berlin-Friedrichshain

Anmeldung oder Rückfragen bitte per Mail an shimmyshakeberlin@gmail.com schreiben.


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Mail shimmyshakeberlin@gmail.com to register to any classes!
**limited places**
Shimmy Shake School
Location: Imago Tanzstudio
Address: Straßmannstraße 18, 10249 Berlin-Friedrichshain

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