Special Offers

Shimmy Shake Special Offers!

Shimmy Shake School’s mission is to support all communities in becoming burlesque babes!

Beauty Space

We reserve a free space in ALL of our classes and workshops for students who need it to attend for free.

Discount Royal

As part of our investment in LGBTQIA, Black, Indigenous & People of Color access, we offer these students a 20% discount on all of our classes and workshops.

Pastie Payment

For those who need it, we are happy to offer payment plans or trade-for-work payment options. LGBTQIA, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color are given priority.

To take advantage of these offers, simply email us at shimmyshakeberlin@gmail.com with the title of the offer in the subject line, e.g. ‘Pastie Payment Plan’, and we will sign you up.

*Shimmy Shake School will not approach students directly about these offers unless they ask. It is 100% up to the students to decide if they want to take advantage of these offerings and feel comfortable doing so. No one is obligated in any way to share their identity with us, we completely respect your right to privacy. These offerings are optional, but available and unconditional if you wish to take advantage of them.


E-mail inquiries to shimmyshakeberlin@gmail.com!

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